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1 Mrs Babbs and Mrs Pizzey

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Welcome to Kingfisher Class.



Our teachers are Mrs Pizzey - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mrs Babbs Thursday and Friday.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Brabbin - Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Laird Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


We will complete in the daily mile.  This will take part for 10 minutes every day on the field so could children please bring appropriate footwear to change into.


Our PE lessons take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  All children must have named shorts, t-shirt, plimsolls and/or trainers and joggers for colder weather.  We would kindly ask that girls do not wear tights on PE days and if any earrings could be removed and left at home these days or taped over, this would be much appreciated.


Please bring your child's book bag every day.  We cannot emphasise enough that all jumpers, lunch boxes, book bags etc are named.


Please continue to check this web page for any updates, notices or what our class is currently learning.


Thank you very much.

Welcome back.


We hope you all had a magical Christmas and a relaxing time off school.  We have a very exciting term ahead which includes a trip to Colchester zoo as part of our new topic "Paws, claws and whiskers".  A letter has been sent home with your child today.  



Please be aware that with immediate effect children are allowed, and we encourage, to bring two drinks bottles to school.  One for the classroom, which must hold WATER ONLY, and one for lunch which can be cordial, water or juice.  Due to hygiene reasons we no longer provide water in the shared area.  I am sure you will understand.  Thank you very much. 




Morland Reading Journal


Dear Parents/Carers


All children have been issued with a blue reading journal.  Every time your child reads to you at home, please write the title of the book they have read and sign beside it.  You may also write any comments should you wish.  Every time your child reads at home they will move their photo along a path, meeting book characters along the way.  They can read books from school, home or the library.  They will receive a certificate after each 10 books read.  We are challenging them to read a 100 books.


Your child has a RWI book.  This is a paper version of the book they have already read in class 3 times.  They should be able to read this book confidently but would like them to continue to practise at home to gather reading speed and fluency.  Please listen to them read this book at home.  Encourage them to "Fred Talk" or "Sound Out" unfamiliar words.  Once your child has read this book a further 3 times, please return it to school and we can swap it for them.


Your child also has a book from the class library.  Please share this book together.  Your child is not expected to be able to read this book but by hearing it read to them, it will help with your childs expression and how stories "flow".  You can encourage them to talk about the characters and what is happening in the story.


Please note this journal is purely for you and your childs reading at home.  Teachers will not make any recordings in this journal.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Our school council representatives are: Ruby and Bently.

Our school council representatives are:  Ruby and Bently. 1
Our school council representatives are:  Ruby and Bently. 2

Our class ambassadors are: Myeleigh and Lewis.

Our class ambassadors are:  Myeleigh and Lewis. 1
Our class ambassadors are:  Myeleigh and Lewis. 2