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Friday, 3rd April

Good Morning Kingfishers,

Did you do the fancy dress work out with Joe Wicks this morning? All those spiderman moves were great!

Tomorrow is the start of the Easter holidays. I expect you are all looking forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny. I was lucky enough to see the Easter Bunny on one of my daily walks and he told me that he knows where all the children live but is not sue where to put the eggs. Could you do him a big favour and write a letter telling him where to put your Easter Egg. I asked him to put mine on top of the book case in the sitting room, between the lamp and the vase.

Give him directions from your door:

Go through the door and turn right. Go to the end of the hallway and through the door ahead. Turn left and you will see the bookcase.

Email a photograph of your letter to us and we will make sure that the Easter Bunny gets it.

Have a happy and safe holiday.

See you in two weeks!

Mrs Babbs and Mrs Pizzey



Thursday, 2nd April

Hello Children,

Today's challenges:

  • Retell the story of The Enormous Turnip. Use your toys or members of your family. If you have any pets they can help too. Maybe you could dress up as the farmer. What will you use for a turnip. We would love to see a photo.
  • Can you count all the way to 100 and all the way back to 0?
  • Ask if you can stay up tonight and clap as hard as you can at 8 o'clock to say thank you to all the people working to help us to stay safe.

Wednesday, 1st April

Good morning Kingfishers,

Here are today's challenges:

Can you make up a 'but' story? You could write it down. 

Here is my 'but' story.

I was feeling a little chilly and so I decided to put on a jumper. First I tried my blue one but it was too small. Next I tried my red one but it was too hairy and it tickled my chin. Then I tried my pink one but the sleeves were too long and they got wet when I washed my hands. After that I tried my green one but it was too warm and I started to sweat. Finally I tried my purple one and it was just right.

Picture 1

Did you notice that I used time adverbs too?


Maths Challenge - How many bonds for 8 can you find? Can you work in a logical way?

               0+8= 8



Tuesday, 31st March

Hello children,

Here are today's challenges

  1. Draw a picture of someone in your family and see how many adjectives you can think of to describe them. Here are some to start you off:

kind   beautiful   tall   funny   energetic   strong   joyful

You will know if it is an adjective if it will fit into these sentences:

  • She is a ________________ lady.
  • He is a _______________ boy.

2. Go on a shape hunt in your house. Look for:

triangles   squares   rectangles   circles

We look forward to your emails,

Have fun and stay safe,

Mrs Babbs and Mrs Pizzey

Hello Kingfishers,

We hope that you are well and keeping busy.

Have you been doing the Joe Wicks workouts? Mrs Babbs has. Can you do them? They are such hard work. If you have not had a go yet, join Joe, Mrs Babbs and children from all around the world at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning on YouTube.

We have decided to set you some daily challenges to help you to keep busy and keep learning.

Can you make up a story? Use the pictures below. You could use your toys to help you make the story. You could tell it to your grown up or write it down. You could draw a picture for your story.

We would love to hear your stories. Ask a grown up to email us on


Picture 1
Picture 2

Now for your maths challenge.

How many ways can you make                7

Ask your grown up to photograph all of the clever ways you think of and email them to us.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Babbs and Mrs Pizzey

Picture 1
Picture 2

Welcome to Kingfisher Class.



Our teachers are Mrs Pizzey - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mrs Babbs Thursday and Friday.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Brabbin - Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Laird Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


We will complete in the daily mile.  This will take part for 10 minutes every day on the field so could children please bring appropriate footwear to change into.


Our PE lessons take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  All children must have named shorts, t-shirt, plimsolls and/or trainers and joggers for colder weather.  We would kindly ask that girls do not wear tights on PE days and if any earrings could be removed and left at home these days or taped over, this would be much appreciated.


Please bring your child's book bag every day.  We cannot emphasise enough that all jumpers, lunch boxes, book bags etc are named.


Please continue to check this web page for any updates, notices or what our class is currently learning.


Thank you very much.



Please be aware that with immediate effect children are allowed, and we encourage, to bring two drinks bottles to school.  One for the classroom, which must hold WATER ONLY, and one for lunch which can be cordial, water or juice.  Due to hygiene reasons we no longer provide water in the shared area.  I am sure you will understand.  Thank you very much. 




Morland Reading Journal


Dear Parents/Carers


All children have been issued with a blue reading journal.  Every time your child reads to you at home, please write the title of the book they have read and sign beside it.  You may also write any comments should you wish.  Every time your child reads at home they will move their photo along a path, meeting book characters along the way.  They can read books from school, home or the library.  They will receive a certificate after each 10 books read.  We are challenging them to read a 100 books.


Your child has a RWI book.  This is a paper version of the book they have already read in class 3 times.  They should be able to read this book confidently but would like them to continue to practise at home to gather reading speed and fluency.  Please listen to them read this book at home.  Encourage them to "Fred Talk" or "Sound Out" unfamiliar words.  Once your child has read this book a further 3 times, please return it to school and we can swap it for them.


Your child also has a book from the class library.  Please share this book together.  Your child is not expected to be able to read this book but by hearing it read to them, it will help with your childs expression and how stories "flow".  You can encourage them to talk about the characters and what is happening in the story.


Please note this journal is purely for you and your childs reading at home.  Teachers will not make any recordings in this journal.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Our school council representatives are: Ruby and Bently.

Our school council representatives are:  Ruby and Bently. 1
Our school council representatives are:  Ruby and Bently. 2

Our class ambassadors are: Myeleigh and Lewis.

Our class ambassadors are:  Myeleigh and Lewis. 1
Our class ambassadors are:  Myeleigh and Lewis. 2