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2 Mrs Hinson and Mrs Starke



We are the Robins! 



Welcome to our class page!

Our Teachers: Mrs Hinson (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) 

                       Mrs Starke (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

         Our TA: Miss Parmenter


You will not believe your eyes!!

We arrived at school on Wednesday to find an awful mess in our classroom!! This is what we found:

  • The tables and chairs had been over turned.
  • Our pencil pots were scattered everywhere.
  • There were footprints, scales and ash on the floor.
  • There was scorch marks on our writing board.
  • There was strange green poo and a puddle on our rug!
  • There was burnt objects in the skip outside our classroom.


We looked at all of the evidence to try to work out what had happened overnight. We also wrote a letter to Mr Crane so he is aware of this disaster!


We think a dragon visited our classroom overnight! Do you agree?

Florence has written our class a letter because she misses you all. She has also drawn a beautiful picture. Maybe you could write a letter to our class too?

We are working so hard at home! Take a look!

Remote learning w/c 11.01

Here is an overview of what is in your pack for this week:

Maths – please refer to your individual pack for activities. This week’s focus is on subtraction.


Monday 11th January – begin by having a look at the superhero fact files attached. Then read through ‘Playground rescue’ story. If you would prefer to have the story read to you here is a link:

•          Vocabulary challenge – read each of the sentences and have a think about what the underlined word means – write your guess next to the word.

•          Then match the word to the correct meaning.

•          Extra challenge – choose 5 of the words, can you write your own sentences with them in?

Tuesday 12th January – read through ‘Playground rescue’ again. Complete the table attached by drawing pictures and writing full sentences about what you liked and disliked about the story and also any questions you have about the story (remember to use a question mark in your question)

Wednesday 13th January – have a read of ‘Playground rescue’ again. Answer the questions attached writing in full sentences.

Thursday 14th January – begin by reading the note from Sammy exceptional on the sheet attached. Then answer the questions to create a superhero name and to think about what your superhero power would be. Then on the attached template draw a picture of yourself as a superhero.

Friday 15th January – have a look at the superhero you created yesterday. On your picture add labels with 10 adjectives to describe your superhero. What are their superpowers? What are they good at?

•          Extra activity – follow the instructions attached to make some cuffs for your superhero.

Grammar – this week’s work is based on nouns.

Spellings – there is a new set of spellings in your pack, try to practise them every day.

RWI – you will find a book that’s related to which RWI group you are in. Try and read this every day. You will be sent an email with links to watch some phonics videos.

Topic – we will be continuing with our work on the great fire of London this week. We have suggested that you could have a great fire of London day where you will write a diary entry, learn about firefighting during the great fire of London and have a go at making a Tudor house out of boxes.

RE – this week you will begin to look at Islam and what Muslims believe. This week’s lesson is focussed on how to look after a pet.  

PSHE – the focus for PSHE this week is on our feelings.


We hope you enjoy the work this week and we look forward to seeing any work that you may like to send to us!



Happy New Year! We hope that you are all keeping well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything, we will be available to answer emails Monday to Friday 9am-3.30pm, so if you need any support with the home learning packs please let us know.

Here is our email address:


Here is an overview of what is in your pack for this week:

Maths – please refer to your individual pack for activities. There is mainly a focus on addition and subtraction this week using the column method, which you have been taught in class.

English – this week’s English is focussing on the New Year. In your pack you will find a New Year’s writing frame and a New Year’s comprehension. There is also a grammar activity focusing on identifying and writing questions. You will also find a spelling pack, these should be practised daily.

RWI – you will find a book that’s related to which RWI group you are in. Try and read this everyday and have a go at the attached activities. If you would like extra practise on the sounds, the Ruth Miskin training YouTube channel are posting speed sound lessons. Here is the link:

Topic - our topic for the next two weeks is the Great fire of London. This week’s work is looking at how the fire spread and putting the events into the correct order. Here is the link to watch Magic Grandad – Great fire of London on YouTube:


We hope you enjoy the work this week and we look forward to seeing any work that you may like to send to us!

As our communication with parents is restricted at the moment because of Covid-19, our class email address is:


Please contact us if there is anything you wish to discuss. This email address is active between 9.00am and 3.30pm on school days. We will reply to messages as soon as we can.          

General Information



You have 3 books that we have sent home for you . You should have a RWI book we have read 3 times at school, a RWI Book Bag book to read at home and a book from the class library to share together. These books will be changed weekly and it is a good idea for you to read each book more than once to help you become a fluent reader. We have also sent home a journal for you to keep a record of home reading. It is very helpful if an adult can sign this and let us know what you have read at home. Please bring your journal and reading books to school each day in your book bag. We have a reading challenge in the classroom and we give out certificates and prizes, each time you read 10 times at home!



Our PE lessons are on Wednesday and Thursday each week. Please come to school in your PE kit on these days.


Our PE kit is:

  • navy or black shorts.

  • plain white T-shirt.
  • plain navy or black sweatshirt and jogging bottoms for colder weather.
  • trainers or plimsolls suitable for outdoor P.E.



Homework will be given out on Friday and should be handed in by the following Wednesday. We will give a housepoint for homework that is handed in on time and for any Topic work completed. We always look forward to seeing the work you have done at home.