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Summer Half-Term

This half-term in English, we will be studying action scenes (especially with fantasy creatures) and we will be reading the book, How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell. In maths we will learn more about fractions. Our history topic is the Norman Conquest and in geography we will continue to study Brazil. In science we will be learning about reproduction in plants.



Mixed numbers and improper fractions

Watch this video to help you understand mixed and improper fractions.

Google Classroom Instructions

Step by step user manuals for Google Classroom (and Meet) for a variety of devices can be downloaded from this page (click to view).


Aslan Art - drawings of the famous lion.

What's cooking? Lockdown bakes.

Moon and Solar System Pictures

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Working Scientifically

Since September, we have been learning about the damage that plastic pollution is doing to the environment, especially the world's oceans and their wildlife.


We wanted to know which type of bag is the most environmentally friendly. Pupils ready to bury the plastic bags.That is the type that will biodegrade or decompose the quickest in the environment. We are running a scientific experiment to find out.


We put four different types of bag into four flower pots and buried the bags in soil. We will wait for 10 days, then empty them out to check what has happened to the bags. Then we will check every month to see which bag is the first to decompose. The pots were left outside exposed to the rain, sun and wind.


Results so far.

After 5 weeks we tipped out the soil and inspected the bags. The paper bag had started to decompose and fall apart, the two compostable bags had both deformed but were still intact. The plastic bag had not changed.











After 3 months

The 4 bags remained buried soil until the end of term. In December, after being buried for 3 months we tipped out the soil again to inspect the bags. The paper bag had completely decomposed. The two compostable bags were showing signs of decay but the plastic bag appeared to be unchanged.