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Welcome to the Fabulous Flamingo Class

Welcome to the Fabulous Flamingo Class 1

Friday 3rd April

Hello Fabulous Flamingos,

I hope you are all keeping well. You can practice your spellings at home. Log on to and then your username is morlandyear5 and your password is year5. Remember you can email me with any questions.

Take care and Happy Easter!   

Home Learning (23/3/20 to 3/4/20)

In Year 5 we are going to introduce a home ‘Learning Log’.

You will be given a question, title or learning objective that you should achieve.

You also need to continue with Times Tables Rock Stars and reading.

Learning logs are:-

  • A personal reflective journal for you to record your knowledge and understanding in whichever way you feel is most helpful. You can use pictures, writing, diagrams, labels, bullet points, mind maps, google docs or whatever style you wish to choose to present your learning.
  • An opportunity for you to extend and consolidate your learning in the classroom.
  • Encouraging you to be creative and independent.
  • Encouraging you to be actively engaged in your own learning and take pride in what you produce.
  • Encouraging a partnership between home and school.
  • Personalised, there is no right or wrong way to approach a task.
  • ‘Inclusive’ and cater for all learning styles.
  • Child-directed, rather than teacher-directed and so gives you ‘ownership’.
  • Allowing you to be as creative and imaginative as you like.
  • Are a useful revision tool.
  • An assessment tool for teachers.


The only stipulation is that you must fit all the information you would like to present on no more than one double page of the Learning Log. You can, of course, creatively extend the page by attaching flaps and folded sections.


H L Q  T


W    ? 


W    ?


L      (://..//-----)        .


C       ‘H    ’         .. , , , , ,   .


C                 .  I         , ,   .  W           .  Y         .


C      ,      ,    .  I: , , , ,   ?  T  :  , -, /,          .


W    ?  D ,     .


W   ?  G  .



Science Week - Our Diverse World

Science Week - Our Diverse World 1 Professor Kaos wanted more power!
Science Week - Our Diverse World 2 Carbon dioxide is in our balloon.
Science Week - Our Diverse World 3 Different wood from our diverse world.
Science Week - Our Diverse World 4 Our bone looks like a malteser.
Science Week - Our Diverse World 5 Our bone workshop.
Science Week - Our Diverse World 6 We are born with about 300 bones.
Science Week - Our Diverse World 7 We tried dot painting on pebbles.

Our P.E. lessons are on Mondays (outdoor) and Thursdays (indoors).

Please make sure children have their P.E. kit on those days and trainers everyday for the 10 minute mile.  In the winter make sure your child has a warm top and track suit bottoms.
(Earrings either removed or covered with tape on these days.)


TFW - Writing a story with suspense

TFW - Writing a story with suspense 1
TFW - Writing a story with suspense 2

Model Text

The Nightmare Man

Sally was afraid. At school, they called her the ‘fraidy girl’ because she seemed afraid of everything - but what she feared the most was the darkness. Every night she didn’t want to go upstairs to bed. She hung around in the kitchen making excuses. Anything to delay going up the stairs. Anything to delay the moment when the light was switched off, plunging her room into darkness.


One moment the room was bright; the next split second and the room was darker than jet. As her eyes adjusted, vague shapes swam into view. The chair in the corner looked like an old man crouching down, ready to leap at her. The dressing gown on the back of the door was like a thin man, leaning, waiting for her to sleep before he hobbled across the room towards her....


Sally lay in the darkness every night watching the old man and the thin man. Neither of them ever moved but she was sure that when she fell asleep they would be up and wandering round - peering at her sleeping face. But, more than anything, she feared the Nightmare Man more.


Sally had seen him once, watching her through the window - a tall dark shape with a cloak billowing out behind him and two red eyes that glowed. She had spent the rest of the night buried under the covers, waiting for dawn. Of course, she had told her mother but all she ever said was, ‘don’t be so silly’ or ‘hurry up and eat your breakfast’ or ‘not now, we’ll be late for school’. Since that night Sally made sure that her curtains were tightly pulled together.


The night of the storm, Sally lay in her bed watching the old man and the thin man. Thunder grumbled in the distance. Lightning crackled. Rain lashed the street. Surely, the Nightmare Man wouldn’t be out on a night like this? Sally just had to know. Heart thudding, she crept from her bed and peeked through the curtains. She got the shock of her life because there he was, clinging to the window with his twin red eyes staring right at her.


Sally stepped back but at that very moment the lightning flashed, lighting up the night sky. The Nightmare Man had gone but Sally could see a distant tower, a tower with two red lights. She also saw the tree by her window move in the wind, casting a dark shadow. In that moment, as the lightning lit up the night, she realised that the Nightmare Man had not really existed at all. Only in her mind. She laughed aloud....


Her bed seemed warm and cosy. She stared across her room, through the curtains at the distant lights of the tower and watched the tree’s shadow blowing in the wind. After that, the Nightmare Man never came back. Soon the thin man became a dressing gown and the old man was just a chair with her clothes draped across it, ready for the next morning, ready for the sunlight.

Pie Corbett.

TFW - Story opening with build up creating suspense text map
Picture 1
Picture 2