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As part of our history topic about castles, we have made crowns so we can pretend to be Kings and Queens. We hope you like them.

Week beginning 10-10-22. This week is art week. So, every afternoon this week we are doing an art lesson. We started by drawing around shapes and then filling them in with different pencil marks. We then made a resist paining. We drew marks on a piece of paper with oil based pastels. We then washed over the marks with inks for the resist marks to come through. We have also collected bits and pieces from nature. We collected acorn cups, leaves, feathers etc. We then used these to paint with. We wanted to discover if you can use any tool to paint with other than brushes. Below are samples.

As part of our art week we would like to share some of our work with you. We started by drawing around different objects. Then, within these objects, we made some of the different marks we have been practising all week. We hope you enjoy looking at our work.