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Autumn 2

Autumn 2


This half term we will be looking at 'Let us celebrate', we have a variety of events to look at, starting with Bonfire night, Remembrance day, Children in Need, Diwali and finishing with Christmas. In R.E we will look at 'Why do Christians perform the Nativity at Christmas?'.  


This is what we will look at this half term in maths, literacy and creative. This is alongside outside and independent play throughout the day.

Week 1: Bonfire night- The children will look at bonfire night and why we celebrate it. In maths we will be using pom poms to count numeral quantity, in literacy the children will be thinking of words to describe the sounds fireworks make (from watching a firework display at carpet time) and in creative we are making some delicious firework biscuits to enjoy. 

Week 2: Remembrance day and Children in Need - We will be talking about Remembrance day and the importance of why we celebrate it. In maths we will be using poppy petals to work on our counting skills, in literacy we will be developing our emotional knowledge and thinking about how our actions effect other people. In creative we will all be painting our own poppy to put together a class wreath. On Friday we will focus our attention to Children in Need and the importance of the charity and the work they do. 

Week 3: Diwali - This week we focus our attention to the festival of Diwali, using the story of Rama and Sita to support our learning. The children will have the opportunity to use clay to make a Diva lamp in creative, use big shapes to make Rangoli patterns in maths and in Literacy we put our focus on our talk for writing story, the Little Red Hen and support the children with Story mapping. 

Week 4: Christmas letters- This week we start looking at Christmas! We are starting this off with the help of the Jolly Postman story. We will be reading the story and using this to support our learning, in maths Postman Pat needs some help sorting his letters, in literacy we will be writing our Santa letters and in creative we are making some star headbands ready for some Christmas singing later in the term. On Friday we went on a walk around the school and found lots of parcels from the characters from the Jolly Postman story. We collected these and took them to our own post box to post along with our letters for Santa.

Week 5: Elf on the Shelf -This week we received a parcel from Santa, he delivered us two elves called Cocoa and Snowflake. The Nursery was set to be 'elftastic' this week, in maths the children will work with a friend to play an elf themed game, in literacy the children will be writing their elf name and in creative the children will put together their own elf ready for our elf themed Christmas door. 

Week 6: The Nativity - This week we focussed on the Nativity story, which supported us put our R.E learning all together. In maths the children will use their maths counting to work out the colours to colour each section of a picture, in literacy the children will use the nativity characters to re-tell the story and in creative the children can make a manger to put the baby Jesus in. Alongside our Nativity activities the children will be doing their Christmas crafts ready to take home. 

Week 7: All aboard the Polar Express - This week we will be celebrating the end of term with a Polar Express themed Christmas party. We will be watching a little bit of the film each day and in maths will be using Numicon to match quantity to the correct carriage, in literacy we will be making our own Polar Express ticket and in creative the children can use shapes to make their own shape train. On Friday we will be going into the hall to go on our ride, drink chocolate milkshakes, have cookies and party!


A snapshot of our half term - we have been busy!