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The big Year 6 game!

Every year, Year 6 work on a big project - something that uses all of their combined efforts.  This year, we combined our programming knowledge with our newfound skill in 3D graphics to produce Diver, our big game for the summer.

Diver lets you explore an undersea maze of caverns, retrieving lost gold while avoiding the sea life.

Click the picture below to play it.  We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

*After clicking the link, click the green flag and then read the instructions on the title screen.


Rescue the Princess

Grace and Eli (of Year 1) wrote the entire code for this game ON THEIR OWN!

It's for tablet users (and perhaps larger phones) only as it uses swipe gestures to move around.

Guide your brave knight through the dungeon to rescue the princess.  Don't get caught by the dragon!

(click the picture to play)

Build your own Roller Coaster


This is the first program built by Year 5 using the new Scratch 3.0

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to draw your own Roller Coaster track and then watch it go!


Click the picture to play (instructions are with the program).




Click to move

Here's a program that's worth looking at because it's Lexie and Noah's (Year 1) FIRST program.

They've managed to make five sprites (moving objects, remember?) move when you click them(or tap them if you're using a touchscreen) and even draw a nice house for them all.

Click the picture to run the program.


Year 3 - Coding on their own

We gave Year 3 half an hour to code.....something.  No rules, no help.  The results were very good.  Here are a couple of the best (click the pictures to play the program).


This game is by Ziggy and Kacie.  Get the key and reach the end.  There is a prize for winning and a big GAME OVER if you lose.


This game by Curtis and Hollie has you returning a dog to it's owner.  Pick up the fruit, get the key and open the door.



Doodle program

Did you ever own an Etch-a-Sketch? This program by Year 5 lets you draw like one of those, but with a twist.

Click the picture below to play and follow the instructions on the screen.  This program uses 'arrays'.  It records every move you make and actually plays it back.


3D computer graphics

Year 6 have done some wonderful work building and decorating 3D computer models of themselves.

Click the image to see them in our Digital Arts page.

Princess rescue (for iPad)


Lilly and Keisha in Year 1 have designed and programmed their own game.  

In this game you need to rescue the princess from the boring prince but you'll need to get past his dog first!

Swipe the screen up/down/left/right to move.

Click the picture to play



Year 6's big game is finished!

3 and a half months in the making. With over 230 lines of computer code plus tons of original artwork and design, Year 6 are proud to present their big game - Michelle's Marvellous Adventure!

Click on the pictures to go to our Games by Morland page where you can play it.

Merry Christmas from our digital artists at Morland!

Merry Christmas from our digital artists at Morland! 1
Merry Christmas from our digital artists at Morland! 2
Merry Christmas from our digital artists at Morland! 3
Merry Christmas from our digital artists at Morland! 4
Merry Christmas from our digital artists at Morland! 5

Digital painting using layers

Year 2 and 3 have been learning digital art techniques on the iPads. We learned to use 'layers' in our pictures. Click on the Digital Arts link at the top of the page to see more of our work.



SuperCat - a new game written by Year 4

Year 4 have been working together to design and build a new videogame, called SuperCat. It's really fun to play and you can play it online by clicking on the Games by Morland link at the top of the page.



Morland Arcade

We have a new videogame arcade machine. This might seem an odd thing for a school to have BUT this is a very special machine. It only plays games that the children have made themselves!

As we learn to code, our best efforts will be loaded into the arcade machine, in the library, for anyone to play (and we'll also post the games here on the website (in the Games by Morland link above), so you can get some practice in).

(luckily you won't need 10p to play it)