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Week beginning 25th April 2022. This term the story is No-Bot by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. Below you will find the new story map and text. As always we would appreciate you practising this with your child. Also, remember our phonics screening is coming up so if you could attend the meeting regarding this on Wednesday 4th May at 9:00 am it could help your child a great deal. Many thanks.

Week beginning 14.3.22. In English we are writing about amazing antelopes. Below is our new map and text. We would be grateful if you could watch your child do the actions for the map (they know what the actions are) and remember some facts from the text.

WB 31.1.22 We are now learning the story of Handra's Surprise. Below you will find the text map and text for you to practice with your child. Your child will know the actions we do when practising the text map.

Week beginning 11.1.22


In English we are still learning to write instructions.  We write a title, a list of what we need followed by the instructions.  We use time adverbs and imperative verbs, or bossy words.  For example:

Instructions for making a sandwich.

What you need:



filling etc

First, wash your hands.

Next, get a plate etc


Perhaps this is something you could do with your child.



We are currently learning how to write instructions. Below is the new story map so your child can practise at home.

In English for this half term, we are studying the book "How to catch a star" by Oliver Jeffers. Below you will find our story map and text for this term. Your child will know the actions. Please practice this with your child at home. Thank you.