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Week beginning 20-9-22

This week in English we are learning all about verbs.  What is a verb?  A verb is a "doing" word.  Could you say some sentences to your child and ask them which word is the verb.  Or, you could read your child a story and ask them to point to the verb. The children have been writing their own list of verbs. For example: 




I'm sure you can think of a lot more.


We have also learnt how to add 'ed' to the end of a verb to change the word from the present tense to the past tense.

I played

I looked

I pulled


Of course, we know we cannot add 'ed' to every verb, but the children will learn more about present and past tense as they progress through year 1.


We continue to read The Enormous Turnip.  How are your children getting on with their actions for the story map?  We think they are very good.

We are currently reading The Enormous Turnip. Below you will see a copy of our story map and text. Your child is learning all the actions to the map in order to help them remember the story. Could you practice with your child. We have found this is very beneficial to their learning.