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This week’s English is carrying on with the theme of superheroes. The activities this week will build up to you writing your own superhero story.

Monday 18th January – think about the superhero you created last week. Today you will write a detailed description about your superhero as they will be your main character in the story you write at the end of this week. Fill in the sheet attached to give a profile of what your superhero is like. All superheroes have a weakness – what do you think your superhero’s weakness would be?

Tuesday 19th January – superhero stories often have villains – can you think of any examples of any? Have a look at the examples of villains attached. On the template attached have a look at some words which could be used to describe a villain. Circle the words that you think your villain will be like. Then fill in the sheet to create your villain – remember to write in full sentences to answer the questions about your villain.

Wednesday 20th January – what is a setting? (the place where a story takes place). In the story you read last week (playground rescue) where was the story set? Have a look at the pictures attached – these are some examples of where your superhero story could be set. For each picture can you think of 5 adjectives to describe it? Then pick one setting that you would like to use for your story. You could use one of the setting examples or you may like to think of your own. On the template attached draw a quick picture of your setting and then answer the five questions in full sentences to describe your setting.

Thursday 21st January – for today and tomorrow your task will be to write a story in which your superhero saves the day. You will need to think about what happens in your superhero’s day, who is behind the evil plot and how does your superhero win and defeat the villain. Have a look at the sheet attached to look at the structure of a story. Use the planning sheet attached to plan out your story.

Friday 22nd January – today’s task is to write your superhero story using the plan that you created yesterday. You will be making a comic strip for your story. You will need to think about 8 parts for your story (as there are 8 boxes!). Here is a suggestion of how many boxes you could use for each part:

  • Beginning – 2 boxes (you could do 1 to introduce the setting and 1 to introduce the characters)
  • Middle – 5 boxes (this will include the build-up, the problem and the resolution)
  • Ending – 1 box (remember to make your ending happy!)

We look forward to reading your stories next week!

This week you will also find a new read, write, inc book, new spellings and a grammar activity. We have also included some handwriting for practise, please see separate information on this with a schedule on what you should do each day.