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Diver by Year 6


Year 6 have all been working together on one enormous project which we are proud to present to you now.

This is DIVER, which was coded by the whole year who also designed the graphics using 3D software.

Click the picture below to play (and then click the green flag). Instructions are included on the title screen.

See how deep you can go, and what mysteries you can uncover!



Michelle's Marvellous Adventure

At the end of September, Year 6 started work on a truly enormous project. We were going to make 'platform' game (rather like Mario). We designed our graphics and we learned to make our character jump.  This isn't easy at all because you first need to program gravity! Our solution was to program our character to move downward (or fall) until the colour of it's shoes was touching the colour of the floor (or a platform).

Then we got onto the tricky maths of making a perfect jumping action.  To get a nice curved jump, we made a 'variable' (which is a number stored in the computer's memory). As our character moved forward, we added this variable number to it's height. Then we subtracted 1 from this variable and added it again.  So we're going up 5, then 4, then 3,2,1 and 0 (which is the top of our jump curve).  But we're still counting down! We're adding -1,-2,-3... so we drop down further and faster until we hit a platform. 

And there we have it, a perfect curved jump!


Next came level design.  We actually made a completely separate program, the 'platform construction kit' to let us 'draw' the platforms onto our background.  With this, we could build our levels, testing them as we went, to get the difficulty just right.

We added code for keys, doors and 2 monsters on each level. Finally we tied all of these pieces together, adding loads of title screen artwork (drawn by ourselves with the iPads) to make the finished game.


So.... after 3 and a half months of work from all 41 members of Year 6 and over 230 lines of computer code, we very proudly present our big game..

Click the picture to play.  Keys are:

  • Left/Right arrows to move
  • Space to jump. 
  • 1 to Start game





SuperCat by Year 4

In SuperCat, a game designed entirely by Year 4 children, you must defend the big city from the evil robots.

SuperCat draws a line behind him.  Change the colour of the line to match the robot hitting it.

Keys: Left Arrow = turn left    Right Arrow = turn right    Z = red line   X = blue line


Click either picture to play the game.