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Continuing with our map reading and directions, on Friday 23rd we went for a walk around the Gainsborough estate. We had to find various signs or buildings listed in the key. A massive thank you to all the grown ups who volunteered to walk with us.

Week beginning 20-9-22. This week in Geography we are learning about where we live. What did we live near? Can we read a map? We have had great fun this week learning about directions. Mrs Brabbin pretended to be a robot and she only knew the commands left, right, forward, backward and stop. The children were given a map of the school and had to direct the robot to each point on the map. However, some of the children quickly discovered that if they gave the wrong instructions, the "robot" would walk into a wall - much to their delight but rather unfortunate for Mrs Brabbin's nose!

We are also learning about buildings.  What is the difference between a bungalow, house or flat?  Who might live in a castle or palace?  What might you find in a library? Perhaps when you go for a walk you could point some of these things out to your child and have a chat about them.