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Stone age, bronze age, iron age

Over the next two half terms we will be learning about stone age, bronze age and iron age. 

In each of these we will be looking at a time line of each time period, everyday life and also something that was discovered during each time period.

Great fire of London

Our topic for Spring 1 in history is the Great fire of London. We will begin by putting the events of the fire into order. We will then be having a whole day learning about the fire and finding out why it happened.

We spent all day learning about the great fire of London. We began by imagining that we were alive in 1666 and wrote a diary about the fire. We then learned about firefighting in 1666 and compared it to what firefighting is like now. In the afternoon we took our time to make our own Tudor house out of cardboard boxes. We then set fire to them to see how quickly the fire spread.

Gunpowder Plot

Our topic for Autumn 2 in history is the Gunpowder Plot. We will learn about who Guy Fawkes was, who was involved in the plot and how the plot is remembered today. 

Here is our display in the classroom. We have wrote speech bubbles about what the plotters might say to each other. We have also put the events of the Gunpowder plot into the correct order.