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Week beginning 2-5-23. We are starting to learn about different people in history and why they are important. Our first important figure is Howard Carter. He discovered to the tomb of Tutankhamun. We have found out lots of interesting facts. One type of treasure Howard Carter might have found in the tomb is a torque. This is like a gold necklace. The children made their own. We think they are magnificent. What do you think?

To learn more about castles, on Monday 27.2.23, we had a trip to Framlingham Castle. The castle was officially closed to the general public that day so, we had the whole castle to ourselves all day! How fantastic was that! We walked along the castle wall and peered over the battlements. We imagined enemies trying to run up the slope of the dry moat to invade our castle. As the enemy ran up we pretended to fire at them through the arrow slits. After lunch we played some games that they might have played in medieval times: tag, football, blind mans bluff and skittles. Did you know that they used to use a pigs bladder as a football? Yuck! Thankfully we used a modern day football. We hope you like our photos.

Week beginning 20-2-23. In history we are learning all about castles. Can your child name all the different parts of a castle? Who lived in castles and what were they used for? Below is a picture of a castle made entirely out of 2D shapes. Could you help your child to draw a castle. Thank you.

Week beginning 14-11-22. Our topic at the moment in History is all about toys. A really fun topic for your child and possibly for you to reminisce and remember toys that you used to play with. In Kingfisher class we have set up our own toy museum. Take a look. We are also writing about how toys we have now are different from toys in the past. Are they made of the same materials? Do they last as long? Did we have to use our imaginations more in the past by making stories for our puppets or dolls? Or, do we rely too much on gadgets now for amusement? These are all things your child could discuss with you or their grandparents. We would be grateful if you could continue to send in some toys from your childhood however, if these are too precious a photo would be just as good. Thank you.