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History Geography Science

This week we will be looking at the oceans of the world and also looking at what can be found at the coast.

Activity 1: naming the continents and oceans of the world

Begin by listening to the two songs below to help you learn the names of the continents and oceans of the world.

Seven continents song:

Five oceans song:

Have a look at the map of the world attached and identify the seven continents and five oceans.

Then on the map template colour in each continent with a different colour and label with the correct name. Also label the 5 oceans.


Activity 2: the coast

Discuss what can be found at the coast (seaside). Explain that physical features are things which are natural e.g. a beach, and human features are things which have been made/built e.g. a shop. Have a look at the pictures attached and label them as to whether they are physical features or human features.

Then on the picture label the following features: sea, beach, cliff, lighthouse, shops, rockpool, boats, pier.