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This week we will be looking at how humans have offspring (children) that grow into adults.

Begin by watching the video above. You can also have a go at the activities on this page if you wish (ordering the pictures of the life cycle and then answering questions in a quiz)

Read through the information on how humans change as they grow (attached).

Activity 1: sequence the human life-cycle

Cut out the pictures of the human life-cycle (attached), stick them into the correct order on the attached time line. Then write a sentence about what happens during each stage.

Activity 2: life-cycle craft

Begin by cutting out both circles. On the first circle you will need to cut the triangle out. Then match the pictures to the stages of the life-cycle, cut them out and stick onto each section. Next decorate the front circle (the one with the cut out triangle!) and colour in the pictures. Now use a split-pin to attach the first circle on top of the second circle. Your finished craft will look similar to this (just not attached to a paper plate!):