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Joey The Dragon

Once lived, a fire breathing Dragon named Joey. He is, as you can imagine, very naughty. He was the only one of his type of Dragon left, the others were all extinct.


As he is the last one of the Dragons around, he wanted to destroy the nearest city to prove how strong he is, although there is no one there to impress. But he didn't want to break one house in particular. That was the very nice, pretty big house. He explained his plan to his family [who were in their burials].


He stomped and strided into the small city of Swano determined to destroy the whole place apart from that posh,big house because he wanted to live there and was jealous that he didn't have a home good enough. He lashed his tail, stomped his feet, munched his mouth on everything he could see. But by accident he knocked over the posh house. Then saved a dirty, disgusting bungalow.


Joey didn't realise because he was too busy eating every piece of food he saw because he's always hungry. But then in the distance a little figure in a blue suit came along. It was Fix it Felix Jr, everyone was cheering because he can fix everything in a matter of seconds. In a quick flash everything was back to normal apart from the posh apartment and he said “ Until tomorrow I will fix the derrens house. But till then FIX IT FELIX WHOO WHOO.”


Joey was devastated but he was so happy that everyone had a cheerful smile on their faces.Joey apologised and wanted to protect the city for future. Everyone had a picture of Joey and Fix it Felix Jr on their walls. Soon just a couple months later Fix it Felix Jr and Joey were friends.


By Oscar Larson


Charlie's Super Interesting Volcano home learning


Super volcanoes


A supervolcano is a large volcano that has had an eruption with a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8, the largest recorded value on the index. This means the volume of deposits for that eruption is greater than 1,000 cubic kilometers If the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park ever had another massive eruption, it could spew ash for thousands of miles across the United States, damaging buildings, smothering crops, and shutting down power plants. It'd be a huge disaster. But that doesn't mean we should all start freaking out!


Charlie Chiverton

Oscar's Super Forces home learning


1.What is a lever used for?

A lever is something that helps lifting things.


2.What is a pivot?

 A pivot is something to rest something to keep it in shape and still.


3. What is a pulley?

A pulley is a circle that has a grooved rim and has cord passes.


4. What is a pulley used for?

A pulley is used to raise heavy weights.


5. Where is the largest gear wheel on a bicycle?

It is found on the underside of a bicycle.


6. How can gear wheels on a bicycle help you climb a hill?

By selecting a low gear because it makes pedalling more easier.


Examples of levers are:

  • Door handle

  • Toilet handle

  • See saw

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Scissors

  • Golf clubs

  • Chopsticks


Examples of pulleys are:

  • Zip

  • Curtains 

  • Clothesline 

  • Garage doors

  • Wells


Examples of gears are:

  • Bicycle

  • Drills

  • Cars

  • Winches

  • All vehicles

Oscar's fantastic Talk For Writing home learning


A puffapilladog is a cross between a puffin head, caterpillar legs and a dog tail. It is very slow but is very smart. Do you want to know why it is so smart? It is because they are all born with a part of the brain which is called smartcellier, which means they are very smart and can escape a spider's web although they can't fit in one.


What does it look like?

It has a very distinctive orange beak like a Puffins, and green legs like caterpillars because well you can get them with green legs, and a white fluffy tail like a dog’s tail. You might think this is cute because it wags its tail when it is scared. 


Where does it live?

It lives in the forests where pigs live so basically it is a pigs habitat. It is basically a muddy, wet area of land. They are super rare but sometimes you get lucky going to a farm because they sneak into the pigs area. It can go on living without food for at least a couple of months which is quite cool.Considering I have to eat every half an hour.


What does it eat?

Surprisingly it can eat an elephant which is like eight times the size of a Puffapilladog.They eat one thing a day which even if it is a spider it will eat nothing else for the rest of the day. Which is very surprising because I have to eat more than a hundred things in a day!!!!!


What can it do?

It of course is smart and can do tricks like a dolphin. So if you want to know what I am talking about then I advise you to go see a dolphin show because then you will know what it means.


Fascinating fact.

You remember when I told you about their green legs, they use them to scare predators away.


I hope you enjoyed this fact sheet about Puffapilladogs.

Written by Oscar Larson


Jacob's super space home learning!

Xavier's Fantastic Home Learning about Poland, Instruments and arachnids/insects - Super work!

Food chain

A food chain shows how plants and animals get their energy.


Producers and consumers

A food chain always starts with a producer. This is an organism that makes its own food. Most food chains start with a green plant, because plants can make their food by photosynthesis.


A living thing that eats other plants and animals is called a consumer.


Predators and prey

A predator is an animal that eats other animals. The animals that predators eat are called prey. Predators are found at the top of a food chain.


A food chain is a predator that eats their prey in an order.


For example:

Coral gets eaten by clown fish,

Clown fish gets eaten by a seal

Seals get eaten by a shark.

Did you know that we can catch sharks?


By Xavier 

Xavier's Food Chain Diagram

The man and the Bat looked after a cat


The man and the bat

 Looked after a cat


The cat laid in bed

While the bat flew over head


The cat was sad

The bat felt bad


The bat put a sheet

By the cats feet


The cats tears made the sheet get wetter

But over time he felt better


The man and the bat

Looked after the cat 


By Conner Leatherby


My Adventure Story


One perfect day, I was excited because I was going to Scotland for my holiday. I still had 20 miles to go to reach my holiday home. One mile later I approached a huge mountain and I had to go over it. I started to go over the huge mountain. I was half way up. Then I started to get hotter and hotter. Then I looked behind me and saw there was a large fierce dragon. I stepped on the pedal of the car and went as fast as my car could go. I raced up the mountain at 108 speed. I was over the mountain and I thought I had lost the dragon. I looked behind me and the dragon was still following me. The dragon set my car on fire by blowing a hot fire ball, so I got out of the car and jumped into a wide river. The dragon didn't like the water so he waited at the side of the river for 3 minutes. The dragon got bored so he flew away. I was able to run safely to my holiday home.

By Conner Leatherby    



Terrifying Day

Tom and Charlie were playing a game of footy until they got dragged away by a game a football fan had dropped. It was an animal monopoly game.They were so intrigued they just wanted to play it.But they wanted to play their game of footy first.Tom was in the lead by 1 goal.


They were fed up of looking at it; they just had to play it because no one came back for it. Tom just had second thoughts because it had a Tarantula and a massive Rhino as well.Charlie was like “Come on bro have some fun with me.”They started playing it when all of the sudden Tom rolled a double six and then landed on a massive Tarantula on it.All of the sudden something happened.


It appeared out of the game and faced Charlie.Then Charlie said  “Maybe you were right we shouldn't have played this after all. Find out a way to get rid of it.” Tom said, “It says to jump on the back of it.” Charlie replied “DO IT!”


“I’m getting hypnotized.” Tom saw it happen in front of him, so he had to bring out his inner Lion.So he brang it out  and jumped on his back and then it disappeared Tom thought where did it go then he realised he did it and got rid of the Tarantula.


Life was then back to normal. They had a chocolate milkshake and a mini egg cookie that was heated up just the way they like it.Until exactly a year later the Rhino and Tarantula… Did it come back…?...



Oscar's super newspaper report about football!