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Every Friday your child will be sent home with their homework book. Could this be completed and returned to school every Wednesday. The homework will always coincide with what they are currently learning in class. Every time their homework is returned and completed, they will receive a house point.

Week ending 12-5-23. We are still learning to tell the time. In the homework books this week your child has a set of clocks with the time written underneath. Can your child add the hands onto the clocks to show the correct times. It is very important that the hands are straight. The hour hand MUST be shorter than the minute hand. Thank you.

Week ending 5-5-23. Our homework this week ties in with our maths. We are learning to tell the time. Can your child write what times the clocks are showing. Thank you

Week ending 29-4-23. For homework this week could you please help your child to practise their actions for our story map and text for the book No-Bot The Robot. Also we are continuing to learn about halves and quarters.

Week ending 21-4-23. This week we have been learning about healthy eating and having a balanced diet. It's OK to have sweets and biscuits but these are treats and should only be eaten occasionally. Healthy eating is not just eating fruit and vegetables. We need to eat other things such as dairy products, meat, fish, pasta and pulses to give us all the other nutrients and vitamins our bodies need to grow. Could your child draw and label a healthy packed lunch box.

Week ending 24-3-23. Our home work this week is all about kindness and perseverance - two of our school values. What have you done as an act of kindness towards others? What kind thing has someone said or done for you? What things do you find more difficult so you have to persevere? Could you write a few sentences about this.

Week ending 24-2-23. You lucky children. You have two lots of homework this week! First, you will find the story map and text for Amazing antelopes which we would like you to learn. Next, continuing with our history topic, we would like you to choose between either Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth II. Could you draw us a picture of one of these ladies and then write an interesting fact about them. We look forward to hearing what you have found out about them.

Week ending 27-1-23. Our homework this week links to our topic work. Could you talk with your child about the differences between an omnivore, a herbivore and a carnivore. Hopefully your child will already know. We would then like your child to draw a picture of an animal from each category.

Week ending 13-1-23. In our homework books this week you will find the text map and story for Handas Surprise. Could you please watch your child practise the actions for this story. Also, to coincide with this we are asking your child to draw and label their favourite fruit.

Week ending 6-1-23. Our homework this week is a winter themed crossword. We hope you enjoy working out the answers.

Week beginning 21-11-22. We will continue to learn about toys from the past and how they compare with modern toys. For this weeks homework we would like your child to draw a picture of a toy they play with today. Could they also write and tell us what type of material the toy is made of.

Week beginning 14-11-22. Our homework this week coincides with our History topic. All about toys. Could your child ask you or a grandparent what you/they used to play with as a child. Could they draw a picture of it and then write about it. Thank you.

Week beginning 7-11-22. This week we would like you to discuss with your child which countries make up the UK. Could you then label the picture in your homework book.

Week beginning 31-10-22. As you have had a week off for half term, we are being mean this week and giving your child two lots of homework. First, we are still looking at materials. Could you walk around your home with your child and find various things that are soft, hard, smooth, rough, waterproof and non waterproof. Could you then draw these objects in the boxes and label them. Our second piece of homework is to learn the actions for our "How to catch a fairy" and the text. Could you please practise these with your child. Thank you.

Week ending 21-10-22. As it is half term we encourage you all to go for a walk to look for signs of Autumn and collect different bits and pieces. In your homework book there is a list of things you can tick off once you have seen them. Afterwards, could you make a picture or collage at home with the bits you have collected on your walk. We look forward to seeing them when we return to school. We hope you have a lovely half term holiday.

Week ending 14-10-22. Below is our homework for this week. We continue to learn about 3d shapes so, with your child could you look around your home to see what is made from 3d shapes. Could your child then draw an example and label it. For example, a box of tissues could be a cuboid. If anyone could find an object that is a pyramid they will get an extra house point. Good luck hunting!

Week ending Friday 7th October 2022. In topic at the moment we are continuing to learn about materials. Our homework this week links in with this. Can you walk around your house with your child and ask them to point out different objects made from wood, metal, plastic and glass. Could they then draw and label these in the relevant boxes.

Friday 22-9-22. Please find below our homework for this week. We would like your child to draw a map of the route they take to come to school. Do they pass any shops? Do they pass the church? Encourage your child to make the map as interesting as possible. If they are feeling extra clever they could even add a key.

Week beginning 9-9-22. This weeks homework focuses on maths - making numbers. Please see below.