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Week beginning 20-9-22

This week we are learning all about doubles up to 10.  If I hold up 3 fingers on my left hand, how many fingers do I need to hold up on my right hand?


All the children know the stem sentence:

"  _  is made of _ and _

double _ is _"


For example:

is made of and 4

double is 8.


Click on the link for the "doubles" song we sing in class.  This will really help your child.


We are learning about 3D shapes. Can you help your child learn their shapes by playing a game with them. It's a bit like "I-Spy". " I spy with my little eye a cereal box. What shape is the cereal box?" and so on. Also it would be extremely beneficial if you could continue to help your child count to 10. Thank you.