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9th January

Today is Maths day! We spent the first part of the day completing a shape activity where we had to guess the shape and its size based on the clues that we were given. Some great perseverance and learning went on and many of us found out that the shape was in fact a rectangle with dimensions 2cm by 12cm.


After break, we were lucky enough to have a session with the Happy Puzzle Company. Divided into small teams, we worked our way through a variety of problems. It was like a mini version of The Crystal Maze! Some fantastic team work and determination year 6 and so lovely to see you helping and encouraging each other.


We have been revising the written formal method for short and long multiplication. We have worked hard to meet our success criteria by laying our work out in the correct columns, ensuring digits are clear and remembering to write in '0' when multiplying by the tens column. These photos show one group working on their white boards completing calculations (2 digits x 2 digits). Once we have mastered 3 digits by 2 digits and multiplying decimals, we will put our strategies into practise in multi-step problems.


This week in Maths we have been learning more about negative numbers. Some of us were challenged to think about this reasoning problem...

A company decide to build offices overground and underground. 

Mark says, "If we build from 20 to -20, we will have 40 floors."

Do you agree?

EXPLAIN how you know.

If you have any answers and explanations then please let me have them!