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Healthy Snacks only for playtimes - please read the letter from the school council

Message from our school council
Our school council is made up of two children from each class from Year 2 upwards.  They meet with a staff member to discuss issues which they wish to raise relating to school life. Before the Christmas holiday the school council met and one very important issue which was raised by a number of the members of the school council was about healthy eating, especially at break times.  They have written the letter below to all parents and carers.  

Dear Parents and Carers


We have been noticing that children have not been having healthy snacks at playtimes.  We have had a meeting about this issue and feel that we need to change this.  From Monday 7th January we want children to eat only healthy snacks at playtimes like bananas, apples, strawberries, watermelon, raisins, carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumber or any healthy fruit or vegetable that children like. 


If a child brings a snack that is not fruit or vegetables, they will be asked to take it home to enjoy at another time.  We understand how important eating healthy food is for our bodies.


Yours sincerely


Morland School Council

All staff fully support the school council with this decision and would also encourage parents and carers to consider including more healthy items in lunch boxes too.

There are many useful websites which are helpful to us all as we consider how we can eat more healthily and how we can encourage our children to do the same.  These are just two sites which you may find helpful.