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Our Trip to the Castle

We had a lovely day at the castle. First, we walked around the moat and looked at the high walls. We saw the arrow slits and battlements. We talked about how difficult it would be to try and get into the castle. We then stopped for some fruit and some free time before we went into the castle itself. 

We looked at the big wooden door on the way in. Then, we went for a walk around the walls we could see a really long way. We could see the moat and where we had our break. 

Next, we ate lunch. 

After lunch we ran around spotting different features of the castle. Then we drew the castle. 

Then, we played some games that children might have played when the castle was in use. We played skittles, tag, football and blind man's buff. 

Finally it was time to go home. We were really tired and some of us went to sleep on the bus.