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What is a parable? How have parables been retold through the ages? A parable is a story Jesus told to people. They have been retold over the centuries through the Bible, music, paintings, worship at school, our local church and many other ways. Another way is through stained glass windows which we can see in many places of worship. Below you will see our versions of stained glass windows.

Week beginning 11.1.22


In RE this week we ask the following questions:


What is a parable?

Who does God look after?


We had some lovely answers from the children.  Kacper said "God cares for flowers".  Indie said "God cared for Jesus".  Milen - "God cares for animals and plants".  Jaxon - "God cares for people".  Lewis - "God cares for all of us".

Week beginning 13.12.21 This week we are learning more about the Nativity. We spent some time at the Church to talk about the birth of Jesus. We had pictures which we had to place into the correct order to tell the events leading up to the birth. Once back at school, we then named all the different characters and draw pictures of them in the stable.

Week beginning 6.12.21. This week in RE we are learning about the nativity. We have spoken about the gifts the 3 Wise Men gave to the baby Jesus. We then thought about what we would give to baby Jesus. We hope you enjoy our pictures.

Week beginning 29.11.21. In RE this week we are learning "Why is learning to do good deeds so important to Jewish people?". We learnt that Tikkun Olam means repairing or mending the world. A Tzedakah box is a box to save money in, to give to other less fortunate people. Mitzvah means a good deed. We hope you like the poster we made below to share our ideas.