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Week beginning 14-11-22. We are continuing with Mitzvah this week in RE. We are explaining about good deeds. We realise at Morland that these are difficult times we are all living in, however, sadly there are still some people who have even less then us. Is there a way we can show that we care? Do we always have to give money? Could we donate clothes or toys that your child has outgrown to a charity shop? Sometimes we can show kindness by just saying hello and asking how others are.

Week beginning 31-10-22. We hope you had a safe and wonderful half term. This half term we are learning about Mitzvah. Mitzvah is doing good deeds for other people. What good deed could your child do? Could they send a card to a poorly relative? Or, draw them a nice picture to show they are thinking of them? By doing good deeds to others, this is a lovely way of showing kindness to one another.

Wednesday 28th September. In RE we are still learning about how we welcome each other into the Church. People, usually babies, are baptised to show they are joining God's family. Look at our lovely children pretending to be the proud parents of their child being baptised.

This week in RE we learnt about being part of Gods family. A sense of belonging and feeling part of something. We asked the children "Where do you feel welcomed?" "Where do you feel happy, safe and loved?" Perhaps this is something you could talk to your child about.