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Our current R.E unit is titled:


What makes every single person unique and precious?


What does the word precious mean?    (something of great value)

What do you have that is precious?

You could draw and label something that is precious to you.


  Here are our friends Tom and Tessa.


Their mum told them a story about something precious. It is called the Parable of The Lost Coin.



Why did the lady want to find the coin so badly?

Why did she look so hard?

The coin was precious to her. Tom and Tessa said the story reminds them that people are precious to God too; he cares what happens to them.



How precious is a baby? Is Everyone Precious? What is Unique?


Talk about looking after a baby. Think about things a baby might need? What are the most important things?

How do mummies and daddies show babies are special?


Everyone was a baby once.  Have you seen baby photos or your parents?  


What can we do now that we couldn’t do then?  

How are babies the same and how are we different?


You could paint or draw pictures of yourself as a baby. Label with what you couldn’t do

when you were that small.


Are we still precious when we are older? Are we only precious as babies?

One reason for being precious is we are all unique.


    This song is called 'I am special' (Bernadette Farrell)


The Bible says: You are precious to me ...and Iove you .....Isaiah 43 v4

For Christians, each individual human is unique, known and loved unconditionally by God.

Each is made in the image of God and of infinite worth.


Christians believe all  humans are ‘made’ in God’s image and loved and wanted by him. Bible Reference: Mark 10 v.13-16


    Listen to the story of Kippers Birthday.


Can you think about how birthdays are one way of reminding people how each of is precious?

How do your family celebrate birthdays?

Tom and Tessa celebrate their birthdays by having a party tea. They both like birthday cake!



Why do we look for someone if they get lost? What happened when Jesus got lost?


Why do we look for someone if they get lost?

Have you been lost? What does it feel like? How does it feel to be found?

People are precious and when they are lost, we are sad or worried and go looking for them.


Tom once lost sight of his family when they were shopping, he said he felt very frightened but knew they would be looking for him. He was relieved to be found and safe with his family again.


    This is a story in which Jesus gets lost.


Why did Jesus’ mum and dad look for him? Where did he go to be safe? Why? What was he doing?



What happens at Tom and Tessa’s church?


  Jesus welcomes the children


At Tom and Tessa’s church, the vicar loves to welcome everybody just like Jesus did. Some members of the church stand by the door on Sunday morning as ‘welcomers’. Some families like to have their babies christened (baptised) and welcomed into the church family but sometimes the vicar is asked if he will help a family just say ‘thank you’ for their baby. There is a special service of ‘thanksgiving’ for this occasion.



Christian Living – How are Tom and Tessa taught to live their lives?


Tom and Tessa have learnt the Golden Rule which Jesus taught his followers.

“Do for others what you want them to do for you.”

Can you work out how to end these sentences .... And this will help you decide how to help others.

 When I am sad, I want .....

 When I can’t do my work, I want .....

 When I have lost something, I want ...

 When I want to play, I want .....

 When I do something naughty, I want ......


Have a think:

Who is precious to you? Why are they precious?



Other faiths - Raksha Bandhan: A Hindu festival for brothers and sisters


Raksha Bandhan celebrates love between brothers and sisters.

The main custom is the giving of a bracelet of woven threads called a rakhi.

The rakhi is traditionally given to a brother from his sister. It represents the sister's promise to pray for her brother and the brother's vow to protect his sister.

The brother and sister will often swap gifts as well with the sister usually sharing some sweets to eat and the brother giving money. Today, people other than brothers and sisters will participate. Sometimes the ceremony is shared by close friends, cousins, priests, and soldiers.


The word Raksha means protection. The brother promises to protect his sister.

The word Bandhan means "to tie" or "bond".

The sister ties the rakhi around her brother's wrist.

It is thought that the protection offered by the rakhi lasts for one year so the festival and ceremony must be repeated each year.

Sisters can buy the rakhi or make their own from coloured threads and beads.


How does it show that brothers and sisters are special and precious?


  You can find out some more about Raksha Bandhan here.


  Here is a Happy Raksha Bandhan song. 








The Easter Story



Why not watch these video clips about Easter and try some of the Easter activities