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Sports and Exercise

 Keep fit - Get strong - Have fun 


In year 3, we have been learning to balance, move, catch and throw. Also, we have been using all those skills to play games and competitive sports.

On this page you'll see some ideas for physical activities you can do at home.



How long can you stand on one leg?
Can you achieve 1 minute?
Can you do that on your left or right leg?


Send in your photos!

Have you been doing some sport or exercise at home?

Get your parents to send in a picture and I'll put it on this web page.

Wake Up Your Body with GoNoodle

It's good to warm up our bodies properly before any exercises. Follow this warm up video from GoNoodle.

Now you're warmed up - get dancing!

Follow the dancers and get moving. When you get your heart beating faster you're improving your stamina.

Wind down and relax.

Now slow down and relax with this calm video from GoNoodle.