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Spring 1

Spring 1


This half term we welcome some new children to Nursery. Our topic focus will be 'Our Community Hero's' which will work alongside out work in R.E which looks at 'How we can we help others when we need it?' We will look at an array of people within our community and why their job role is so important to us. 


Now we are back in lockdown, most of us will be learning from home! As ever we will follow our Maths, Literacy and Creative focus activities like we would in the classroom with the additional curriculum tasks to complete. Each day extra daily activities are posted on tapestry including a daily challenge, daily story, rhyme of the week and PE.


Week 1: Doctors/Nurses and paramedics. This week we are looking at the important job these heroes do! They help us feel better when we are not ourselves, we looked at their role within the NHS and why they really are true heroes. The children will have access to people who help us puzzles and ambulance races for maths this week. In Literacy the children will work on pencil control filling in a patient detail card and what is in the doctors bag. To get our creativity flowing the children will be able to explore colour mixing to paint an ambulance and design a doctors/nurses/paramedics uniform.

Week 2: The Police. This week we are looking at how police officers are also vital to our community. They help keep us safe as well as dealing with those who make the wrong choices in life. To support the learning of the police the children will be using a police officer and putting them in an array of positions to support positional language as well as ordering the pieces of a police car for maths. In literacy the children will support our class bunny, Sandy filling in an incident form as well as labelling a police officers uniform. Our creative activities are to create a police hat and drawing a wanted poster. 

Week 3: Vets. This week the children will be looking at the important role Vets do in looking after our pets and other animals. As ever the children will have activities to support their learning. Maths this week will support the children's skills in counting and colour recognition; by having to count how many of each animal there are and going on a colour scavenger hunt. Literacy this week will be diagnosing an animal and matching the pet to what the need. Our creative tasks will consist of creating an animal and making an animal mask. 

Week 4: Builders. This week the children will look at the important job builders do in the community, from building our houses and schools to all the places we love to go. To support our learning this week the children will be counting the objects builders need and doing some tower building with items in the home for maths. In literacy we will be giving directions to a digger and playing a Bob the Builder matching game. In creative the children will be cutting out the items from a builders toolbox and building our own house!

Week 5: Shop workers. This week the children will be looking at the different kinds of shops we have and what the workers do inside them. As part of their activities they will be playing a shopping list game and counting how many sweets are in a jar in Maths. In Literacy the children will be creating their own shopping lists as well as having a discussion about the story 'The world made a rainbow', which we are looking at this week. Finally in creative he children will be creating their own colourful masterpiece in relation to the 'The world made a rainbow story' as well as designing their own toy shelf. 

Week 6: Lifeguards. This week the children finish out topic looking at a lifeguard, maybe something that will not be quite as familiar to them! We will also be covering Valentines Day and Chinese New Year this week. In maths this week we have used the RNLI lifeboats to help us with some size ordering and positional language to build on our knowledge. In literacy we are making Valentines books and thinking about those who are special to us as well as looking at water safety and finishing with completing a sorting activity. Creative activities this week are to colour in a beach puzzle, cut it up and have a go at it; as well as creating a lifesaving ring and then rescuing our favourite teddy. The children will also be making some valentines cards and hearts to send to someone special to them. We will finish the week looking at Chinese New Year and the children have the option to join in with some activities. 

A snapshot of our half term - we have been busy!