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Spring 1

Spring 1


This half term we welcome some new children to Nursery. Our topic focus will be 'Our Community Hero's' which will work alongside out work in R.E which looks at 'How we can we help others when we need it?' We will look at an array of people within our community and why their job role is so important to us.  


Now we are back in lockdown, most of us will be learning from home! But here are some of the pictures sent in from home!

Week 1: Doctors/Nurses and paramedics. This week we are looking at the important job these heroes do! They help us feel better when we are not ourselves, we looked at their role within the NHS and why they really are true heroes.

Week 2: The Police. This week we are looking at how police officers are also vital to our community. They help keep us safe as well as dealing with those who make the wrong choices in life.