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The Great Fire of London

On Friday we re-enacted the Great Fire of London. We stood our Tudor houses close together, as they were in 1666, to show how the fire lept from one building to the other as there were no fire breaks. Mr Syrett then became Mr Thomas Farriner, the baker, and started the fire!!! We saw evidence of our describing words that we have learnt this week: glowing, smoking, crackling, scorching and smoldering. Can you match the words to the photos?

We have made pictures of the Great Fire of London. We started by painting the background in colours that remind us of fire. We then stuck strips of black paper on top to represent the Tudor wooden built houses.

As the Great Fire of London started in a bakery in Pudding Lane, we have been very busy making and baking our own bread. First we measured the ingredients. Next we mixed the ingredients. Then we knead the dough and left it to rise. After that a grown up helped us bake the bread rolls. Finally we took the rolls home to share with our families. Yum.

We are learning all about the Great Fire of London which started in Pudding Lane on Sunday 4th September 1666. We have learnt that the houses were mainly made of wood and straw and to demonstrate this we have made our own.