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The Vortex Game

Here's a fun game that you can play at home.  You'll need:

  • a laptop
  • means of drawing this grid with letters on the ground (ie. chalks outside or bits of paper inside). As long as it's this shape, you can use whatever you wish.

We played it in the hall at school, using rubber floor markers (from PE) and some masking tape.


Once you've got that you need to (on the laptop) go to the program on the internet by clicking the link below (and run it by clicking the green flag).

Click to play


The game works like this.  There are two players, one is trying to cross the grid to get to the end (point A).  The other player has the laptop.  They control the vortex which will try and trap the player.  The player has no idea where the vortex is! Each turn goes like this:


  1. The player moves to a new space.  They can go one step in any direction.
  2. The vortex player types in the letter that the player has moved to and presses Enter.
  3. The vortex player then chooses a new spot for the vortex in the same way. The vortex can also only move one step in any direction.  However, it can not land on the player or enter the point marked A (the game won't let you do either of these things).
  4. go back to step 1 and keep going until the player has reached the end (A) or has stepped right into the vortex and been evaporated into hyperspace (and they'll have to catch the bus home).

IMPORTANT: The player must not see the laptop screen (or they'll know where the vortex is)

That said, you should turn the volume up on the laptop for maximum atmosphere :)


Older viewers will recognise this game from the early 1980s BBC TV programme, The Adventure Game.  I wanted to see if we could make a practical version to play in school (and also to see if the ominous sounds of the vortex moving still chilled the average 8 year old!)


Click here to watch the original Vortex game on The Adventure Game.