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Spring 2

Our topic this half term is Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. We will be exploring castles and bridges. We will:

  • learn about the different parts of a castle and what they were used for.
  • visit Framlingham castle.
  • read stories based on castles and write letters from the characters.
  • design and build our own castles.
  • write our own castle leaflet.
  • think about bridges in our science afternoon.


Year 2 had a wonderful day at Framlingham castle.

Spring 1

Our topic this half term is Muck, Mess and Mixtures! We will be exploring different materials and thinking about how to describe them. 


As an introduction to our topic we had a messy afternoon on Tuesday 9th January. We had lots of different activities to try such as:

  • Mystery boxes containing things such as feathers, pine cones, bran flakes, jelly, elastic bands and baked beans. We were encouraged to describe each item, thinking about what it felt like! There were certainly some funny faces when exploring the baked bean and jelly mystery boxes!!
  • Exploring paint by dabbing, smearing and mixing different colours with our hands. 
  • Making a mud bag by mixing different ingredients such as sand, soil, stones, water, leaves and twigs. We were encouraged to describe how the mixture felt and even gave it a name!
  • Exploring kitchen items; mixing porridge, flour, salt, cornflour and food colouring to see what happened. 
  • Exploring bathroom items such as hand cream, shaving foam, shampoo, bubble bath and baths salts. This certainly made the classroom very fragrant!
  • Squashing, moulding, stretching, rolling, twisting and squeezing playdoh to discover the different shapes it can be made into.




More pictures to follow .......

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is Street Detectives. We will be learning about the local area, reading maps, planning routes and learning how to correctly write an address. 


As an introduction to our topic you could:

  • Practice writing your address at home; can you remember the name of the road you live in and your postcode?
  • Look at a map of your local area.
  • Look out for the names of the roads you pass on your way to school.


A new homework booklet for this topic will be sent home soon. 


If you, or any relatives have anything that might help us with our topic e.g. old photos of the area, then we would love to look at them. Maybe you could ask a Grandparent who has lived in this area for a long time if they have any memories they could share with you?

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is Wriggle and Crawl! We have been having lots of fun! So far we have:

  • been on a minibeast hunt in the school grounds and drawn pictures of what we found.
  • been on a minibeast hunt to The Lairs and looked carefully at the minibeasts we found with magnifying glasses.
  • thought about the habitats that minibeasts live in.
  • designed a minibeast information leaflet.
  • written instructions for a safe minibeast hunt. 
  • written a minibeast poem.
  • created a minibeast dance. 
  • visited Colchester Zoo. 
  • made information posters.



School Minibeast Hunt

The Lairs Trip