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Summer Term

Our topic this half term is, 'A Child's War'. We will be learning about how the war started, where it took place, evacuees and the role of women during world war 2.  If you have any relevant artefacts or books, please bring them into school for us to share.   


Wednesday 21st March

Professor Chaos came into show us experiments with dry ice. We were amazed at what happened!

Tuesday 20th March

Check out the BBC Suffolk website below to see some of our year sixes at the Big Lego Build.


West End Theatre In School - The Tempest - Wednesday 14th March


National Science Week: Lego Build - 13th March 2018

What a fantastic day we had at Ipswich Art Gallery. Being a part of the Ipswich Lego Build  was something quite unique and not one that many Ipswich residents will get to be a part of. Our task was to make some of the houses that make up our town although Brian, the brickologist, gave us a bit of poetic licence to use our imaginations and create wild and wacky houses! We came across Lego pieces we didn't even know existed and had great fun sharing our ideas and creations.


The Great Ipswich Lego Build will be available for the public to view this Sunday (18th March) from 10am until 3pm. 


Check out our mention on Ipswich Museum Instagram.....


Make sure you watch out for some of our year sixes on BBC Look East early next week too!


As well as creating with Lego, we also had the chance to handle Roman and Anglo-Saxon artefacts and to listen to first hand accounts of children evacuated from Ipswich during World War 2.

PE: Dance

This half term our dance topic is 'Urban Freestyle'. We had so much fun this afternoon creating and performing short dance sequences to the music. Each part of the sequence had to last 8 beats. We used gestures, travelling, turning, jumping and different levels in our dances!

18th December 

Christmas Fayre Day


12th December

Christmas workshop at the Church

Last Swimming Session 

Sewing up a surprise for Christmas

This week the year sixes have been sewing up a surprise for Christmas. Mrs Clarke gave us some expert tuition in different stitches and how to make knots in our threads. 

They've been busy sewing some fantastic treats for their families. A few sneaky pictures for you to see what they've been up to!


This week, we started learning about the industrial revolution and how it spread throughout Britain in the 1800's. We looked at a range of historical sources about the city of Sheffield and found out that thousands of Victorians moved here between 1801 and 1851. With the growth of the factories in these cities, the people flocked to find work and as a result many families ended up living in the overcrowded slums. Some of the sources of evidence we looked at showed us what the houses were like, where the toilet was located (!) and how the houses were literally back to back.


This was one source of evidence we looked at.


‘Broken panes in every window frame…and vermin in every nook. With the walls…black with smoke from the chimneys of factories…people use old sacks for beds and floors are unwashed from year to year’


Government Report 1842


In English next week we will be writing another diary entry. This time we will be focusing on a day spent in the streets. See if you can find out any information about what children did to while away the hours if they were lucky enough not to be working.


On Tuesday 7th November, we spent the day at Christchurch Mansion learning about rich and poor Victorians. We made butter in the kitchen, learnt how clothes were washed, practised sitting up straight and looked at Victorian toys.

We had a fantastic day!



Victorian Day at Christchurch Mansion

Victorian Day at School