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Week beginning 12-6-23. In topic this week we are learning about the difference in the seasons. Can your child name the four seasons? What is the weather like (or meant to be like) in each season? What things do we celebrate in each season? Perhaps you could discuss these things with your child whilst out on a walk.

Week beginning 24-4-23. We are starting to learn about significant people from the past. This week we are learning about Howard Carter. Talk to your child about him. What was his occupation? What did he discover? Below you will see our "star words" about him to prompt your child.

Week beginning 17-4-23. We are looking at Spring. New life. New beginnings. We started by going on a lovely walk around the school grounds to look for signs of Spring. We hope you enjoy our photos.

Week beginning 23-1-23. In topic we are learning all about animals. What is the difference between an omnivore, a carnivore and a herbivore? What is an amphibian? What makes an animal a reptile? Could you name baby animals and match them to their parent? For example, a lamb is a baby sheep. How many others can you think of or name? We would like you to chat with your child about all the different animals in the world and see how many they can name and perhaps what sort of climate do they live in/come from?

For topic this week, 17-10-22, we started by going for a walk to find things in nature that tell us that Autumn is here. We found lots of fallen leaves, conkers, acorns and chestnut shells. We then made bugs out of the items we found. Later in the week we will combine this with English to write about our bugs. We will use adjectives to describe them. We hope you enjoy looking at our bugs.