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WB: Monday 4th May, 2020

Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.

The online classroom offers free access to great teachers, delivering video lessons, quizzes and worksheets. Available for both primary and secondary levels, it covers a range of subjects. All of the lessons are ordered so your child can learn along with a clear plan. They provide new lessons and resources each week.

Oak National Academy will fit alongside other resources such as BBC Bitesize to offer a structure for the day for children until schools fully reopen.

There are two options if you choose to use this resource:

Either you can follow a set plan of lessons across a range of subjects – for this, click the Schedule option. Or you can access particular lessons in certain subjects – for this, click the Subject option.


BBC Bitesize is also providing daily online lessons. The homeschooling lessons have been created with teachers and other educational experts and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games.



Here you will find different English activities every day. If you are new to the site then take a look at previous lessons too. They come with videos and quizzes to help explain and ideas for interesting activities. 


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar -  I can read and write words with suffixes

  • A suffix is a letter, or group of letters, that is added to the end of a root word. 

  • Common suffixes include -s, -ed, -ing and -ly. Less common suffixes include -ment, -ness, -less and -ful.  A suffix changes the meaning of the root word.

  • Examples:   letter → letters;  wash → washed;   read → reading;  slow → slowly.

  • Further examples:    enjoy → enjoyment; kind → kindness;  thought → thoughtless;  help → helpful.    Can you think of your own examples of root words with these suffixes?      

  •  is a helpful guide. 

  • Look for examples of suffixes in your reading at home.   

  • Write a list of words with suffixes.  Try to use new words in your conversations with family!


Maths - I can describe the properties of 2d and 3d shapes. 

  • In your home learning packs that you can collect this week, you will have several resources to help. The main focus is to name the properties of shapes (2d and 3d) and discuss key vocabulary such as edges, vertices and faces. These resources and more can be found on Twinkl.

  • You might be able to go on a shape hunt around your house.....what shapes can you find?


Reading -  I can answer questions about a story or a poem

  • Please see the Reading Comprehension tasks in the Home Learning Packs, available from school on Monday 4th May.

  • We have included a short poem, a story and a non-fiction text.

  • We suggest you choose one of these each week. If you want to do them more quickly, that’s great!

  • If you are not sure about any of the answers to the questions, please email us and we’ll help.


Topic - Measure the growth of plants with a ruler.

Measure your plants with a ruler, use the bean plant diary for any plant you have grown. This resource will help:


RE - I can read or listen to a story about Jesus, and learn more about how people he met trusted him


PSHE - To think about and discuss how we all grow up, and the changes that occur as we grow older.  To understand that some changes can be managed easily and others can sometimes be a challenge.  To think about the future, and to have hope and aspirations for our own futures.




Computing - I can learn how to type.  

  • Typing quickly and accurately is a useful skill. As last week, there are some fun games and typing lessons on this website that you might like to try. You will need to use a laptop or computer for these though. If you tried one game then try a different one. Which typing lesson are you up to now?