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WB: Monday 4th May, 2020


English - I can write for different purposes, including real events.

  • Use the internet to research Grace Darling. Can you find out why she is famous? This video contains her story.

  • How can you show us what you have found out about her? You could make a poster or information booklet and email it to us.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - I can use question marks.

  • Have a look at the BBC Bitesize website for some general information.  

  • Karate Cats English looks a good way to practise Year 2 grammar, punctuation and some spelling.  


Maths - I can combine coins to make particular amounts.

  • Make a shop at home with your toys or books. You can make price labels (below £1) and maybe collect a little loose change from your money box. You could make coins if you cannot find enough change or you could print some coins from 

  • ‘Buy and sell’ items from your shop with your family, making sure you pay the correct amount. Maybe you could email us some pictures of your shop?

  • There are some good money games for you to play here: 



Reading - I can make simple inferences from pictures and actions.

  • Watch the video to explain more about inference.

  • Look at these pictures and answer the questions with an adult. There is no need to write the answers down, just chat about what you see in each picture. Maybe you could look at a picture each day?


Topic - I can name the different parts of plants and trees.

If possible, you will need to plant seeds prior to starting these topic lessons.

  • Can you label the main parts of plants and trees? Draw flowers / trees in your garden or local area. Use the sheets to help label the parts. Can you find out what each part does?


RE - I can remember a religious story and talk about it.


PSHE - I can talk about how to keep clean and keep safe.

  • Our theme in PSHE this term has been ‘Keeping Safe’. We didn’t know how important this would turn out to be, when we planned it in the winter!  Even if you are feeling quite well, remind all your family about washing your hands, at least every 2 hours, and before eating or preparing food. Maybe you could design a poster to remind everyone in your house? 

  • What other ways can you keep yourself safe this week?   


Art - I can use a range of materials to design and make a card.

  • Make an Easter card and post it to a neighbour, friend or relative that you have not seen for a while to make them smile!


PE - I can keep a record of my exercise.

  • Keep a log of all of your exercise this week. How much exercise are you doing each day? There is an example of how you can do this here 


Computing - I can learn how to type.

  • There are some fun games and typing lessons on this website that you might like to try. You will need to use a laptop or computer for these though.