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Google Classroom

We are using Google Classroom and Google Meet for our home learning; currently with Years 5 & 6 but soon rolling out to other years. 

We have produced specialised guides to cover whatever equipment you have to hand.


Below, you will find guides for 

  • Windows / Chromebook / Mac
  • iPhone / iPad (iOS 11 or later)
  • Android phones / tablets (Android v.9 or later)


Google Classroom doesn't need a powerful computer to run.  In fact, it runs on almost anything released after 2013, even that old phone in the kitchen drawer!  The only major exception is Amazon Fire tablets (as Amazon have not made the Google Classroom apps available through their App store).


* Note - these manuals refer to account login information being on the back cover. In a printed version, we would write that information for your child.  If your child already uses the school Chromebook for their work, they will already know their login details.  If not, we will supply you with that information (and/or a paper copy of a manual) as we roll this out to your child's class.





The Magic Tree by Year 6

From September to December 2019, everything that Year 6 did in their Computing lessons was for this one project - a HUGE game that required all of their programming skills, lots of hand drawn art plus a whole load of characters designed in 3D! Every level, character and background was designed by the children.


We are VERY proud to present to the world, our game - The Magic Tree.  

It can be played on anything with a keyboard (laptops/desktops etc.)

Click the picture below to play:-