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Missing Ticket

It's time again to show off another big Year 6 project.  This time we crafted a multi screen adventure game.  You find yourself lost in a very unusual land with even more unusual occupants. You'd go home but you lost your train ticket!

Find out what the people of this land want, help them, and maybe you can get your ticket and go home!

Click the picture below to play. Use your arrow keys to move.



Bob's Odyssey and Bob's Adventure

Year 6 worked amazingly hard on a project so big that we had to split it into two seperate games! Every child designed a level as well as building a 'baddie' in 3D. We also worked out a way to make our character, Bob, bounce like a ball. The project took almost a whole term.

Now they're both finished and you can play the games on any computer.


Bob's Odyssey

Bob is going to be late for his train. Get through the levels, picking up the keys to open the portals, and help bob get to the station.
Click Green Flag to start the game.  Then use your left and right arrow keys on the computer to move Bouncy Bob.

Click the picture to play.


Bob's Adventure

Bob's precious motorbike has been stolen!
Travel through 25 exciting levels, finding the key to open the portal to the next.
Keys - 
LEFT ARROW - rotate left
RIGHT ARROW - rotate right

Click the picture to play



The Magic Tree by Year 6

From September to December 2019, everything that Year 6 did in their Computing lessons was for this one project - a HUGE game that required all of their programming skills, lots of hand drawn art plus a whole load of characters designed in 3D! Every level, character and background was designed by the children.


We are VERY proud to present to the world, our game - The Magic Tree.  

It can be played on anything with a keyboard (laptops/desktops etc.)

Click the picture below to play:-