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How will the school prepare and support my child when joining Morland CEVAP School or transferring to a new school?


Transition can be a difficult time for a child with SEND and we take steps to ensure that any change is as smooth as possible.

➢ If your child is joining us from another school we will make contact with it to ensure that we are fully informed about their needs.

➢ If your child is moving to another school we will make contact with the SENCo to ensure that they know about any additional support that is required. Your child’s records will be passed on as soon as possible.

➢ When moving classes in school, information will be passed onto the new class teacher in advance. One Page Profiles will be shared. All pupils will spend a morning with their new class at the end of the Summer term.

➢ In Year 6 the SENCo will discuss the specific needs of your child with the SENCo of the secondary school. Where possible your child will visit their new school on several occasions and Staff from the new school will visit Morland. We would encourage parents to visit the High School and meet with the SENCo to discuss your child’s needs in person.