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Celebrating Morland's Wonderful Writers


Half termly, our Writing Leaders read through the fantastic work produced by our writers at Morland and choose one from each year group to be published. 


How will you engage our Writing Leaders with your storytelling?

What will the Writing Leaders learn from your writing?

How will you enthuse their curiosity into wanting to read more of your work? 


Check out this half term's Published Writers...


Autumn 2 Published Writers: Marie YrN, Mia YrR, Lola Yr1, Avayah Yr2, Aaliyah Yr3, Scarlett Yr4, Ava Yr5 and Nashea Yr6

Our Spring 1 Published Writers: Loghan Yr 6, Jacob Yr 5, Scarlett Yr 4, Phoebe Yr 3, Rhea Yr 2, Ben Yr 1, Charlie M Reception and Ellie W in Nursery.

Autumn 2 2023 - Morland Published Writers - Maria in Nursery, Mia in Reception, Ellie in Year 1, Brody in Year 2, Lewis in Year 3, Petru in Year 4, Isla in Year 5 and Chloe in Year 6

Morland Published Writers - Autumn 1 2023

Summer 1 Published Writers!



Ava Year 1

Phoebe Year 2

Emily Year 3

Lewis Year 4

Elise Year 5

Sheriff Year 6

Spring 2 Published Writers: Charlie Nursery, Alexa Reception, Amelia Yr1, Suzie Yr 2, Kaley Yr 3, Pat Yr 4, Tate Yr 5, Laura Yr 6

Our Fabulous Writers!

Rogan - Nursery

Alyssandra - Reception

Angelica Year 1

Evie - Year 2

Emily - Year 3

Sia - Year 4

Nashea - Year 5

Evelyn - Year 6