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Learning together in the classroom.


It is super to all be back in the classroom and learning together.

We will continue with the special Covid working conditions and hopefully we will be able to finish the school year in the classroom.

Please do not send school bags as there is no room in the classroom for them and they become a tripping hazard. Our PE days are Thursday and Friday so your children may come to school in their PE clothing. Please ensure your child has a water bottle as the drinking foundations are switched off and it is important to keep the children hydrated.


If anyone needs to contact me then please use: or contact the school office.

Experimenting and printing with objects in our classroom

Home Learning again!

Easter crafts from home

Speed Stack videos

Still image for this video

Speed stacking

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More speed stacking

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Making a Greek salad - Design Technology

Exploring magnets as part of Science Week

Where did you read on World Book day?

Enjoying the snow!

Work completed at home

Demonstrating push and pull force

Still image for this video

Mondrian style artwork

Eye Spy poem by Tommy


Eye spy my dad's car parked on the drive.

Eye spy the yellow house over the road.

Eye spy the black bin ready for the dustmen.

Eye spy the white cloudy sky.

Eye spy cars rushing past.

Eye spy people walking a dog.

Eye spy my reflection in the window.

Eye spy the trees blowing in the wind.

Eye spy the cracked ground.

Eye spy my dad's black wheelbarrow. 

Eye spy red chimneys.

Eye spy my mum's grey car.

Eye spy birds sitting on the rooftop.

Eye spy me looking out of the window.


We decorated doors to give school a more Christmassy feel

Looking very festive in our Christmas Jumpers!

Making our seasonal tree calendars

Maths - using the mastery approach.

It is really important that the children understand what is happening to the numbers in their lessons. Before they writ in their books they use resources to see what is happening. Not only is it fun but it helps to keep the learning in their long term memory. 

We have spent time looking at place value and how the position of a digit gives it its value.


The children have also been grouping amounts into equal groups. Division is probably the hardest mathematical operation to understand and the children have been working hard.

Text maps for Kassim and The Greedy Dragon

Ancient Egyptian rulers wore lots of jewellery including collars. They were made from gold and precious stones.

Our completed names ( cartouches) using Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

History - looking at the Ancient Egyptians

In our history topic we have been finding out about the Ancient Egyptians. We've looked into their beliefs and how their rulers (pharaohs) bodies were mummified to preserve them for their next lives. It was all pretty gruesome, especially removing their organs and brain!

We've learnt how important the River Nile was to them. Not only was it important for washing and drinking but also for moving goods through Egypt and essential for growing crops.

There were lots of opportunities for us to make things and we had a go at drawing people like the Ancient Egyptians did. It was a fun topic.

Making Cartouches using clay

French numbers from 1 to 20

The day the crayons quit text maps