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3 Mrs Turner

Dear Penguin class,

It has been super to see so many of you in the past two weeks. I really enjoyed sharing your news and finding all of the ways you have been keeping busy during Lockdown.  


I look forward to seeing some of you again on Thursday 2nd July. It will be our final time together as "penguins" and it will be fun to be together again. If you put your uniform on and find it doesn't fit (you have all grown so much!) just wear dark trousers and a plain top. Remember it is a school day so no party clothes.


For those of you who haven't been in school since March there are some simple changes we have had to make. We no longer have different boys and girls toilets; we will be using the small girls toilets and it's only 3 in at a time. Also the corridors have a one way system so we don't get too close to each other and play-times are all at different times and in different places too. Whether you are having a school lunch (which is delivered to our classroom) or bringing a packed lunch we all eat together in the classroom. In the classroom you will each have your own table and anything you need eg pens, scissors, glue. We won't be able to move about freely in the classroom like we used to, but we'll still be able to see each other and have some fun. 


Sadly, life still can't continue as normal so STAY ALERT  is the new message we all have to follow.


If you have any questions please use the contact above, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay safe smiley


Amber and Ivy have had success with their seeds.

Evelyn was part of the World Record drawing with Rod Biddulph and she's done some lovely art too!

Arabella has drawn this for International Nurses Day - 12th May

Arabella has been busy completing work from her new Home-Learning Pack. Very well done.

It's great to see Dominic is working hard to complete his French, maths and shadow work.

Lily-May is hard at work again and so is Arabella planting her seeds. My seeds are growing well!

Lily-May has been busy making rainbows and finding bugs

Evelyn has made a French poster and Arabella has been learning to sew.

Evelyn has finished one of the writing tasks, well done.

French numbers from 1 to 20

Professor Kaos taught us about gases and looking after our world as part of our science week work

World Book Day - It was fun to dress up as book characters!

Introducing our new topic TREMORS by creating our own volcanoes... they'll erupt very soon!

Our volcanoes are no longer extinct THEY'VE ERUPTED!

ROCKS and more rocks! It's so lovely to see your children's enthusiasm for our new topic

Welcome back

We hope you enjoyed your half term break. Your children were certainly ready for a rest as they've been working very hard.


We have another exciting term ahead. Our half termly project is called "TREMORS".


Our topic focuses on rocks, earthquakes and volcanoes . We'll build our own volcanoes and then make them erupt! It will be very exciting. We'll also be learning about the three main types of rocks and how they are formed and then finding out the different ways we use rocks today in building and making things in our everyday lives. We'll learnt about what causes a volcano to erupt and discover what has happened in the past when a volcano has erupted. Finally we'll learn about fossils and create our own in under 24 hours!


Parent consultations:

On Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th March you are invited to make an appointment to see your child's work and discuss their progress and any issues or concerns you have. If you are unable to attend either of these dates please speak to Mrs Turner to arrange an alternative date.


Our indoor PE lesson is on a Monday and outdoor PE with Mr Ablett is on a Friday. Please ensure your child has the appropriate PE kit and that earrings are either removed or tape is provided so they can cover them, thank you.


For reading and phonics lessons the children will continue to be grouped according to their learning needs. Some children will be completing Read, Write Inc (with additional 1:1 support in the afternoons) and the remaining children will be taught by either Mrs Turner or Mr Girling. Being a fluent and confident reader is "the key" to being a successful learner (this is backed up by lots of research) and we hope that you are able to support the learning in school by hearing your child read at home. There is a reading challenge to help engage the children and reward their hard work, however this has not yet begun.


Maths will continue to be taught using "The Mastery Approach" as last year's results were most positive and showed that children's learning and understanding of maths is accelerated using these methods. Some of the resources and methods used will differ to those that you used when studying at school, so please ask your child to explain them when they have maths homework rather than trying to explain the methods you used. Mrs Turner is able to give you some extra guidance if you need it, just ask.



Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due to be handed in by the following Wednesday.


If you have any questions or would like to speak to Mrs Turner please make an appointment via the school office or at the school gate at home time. Thank you.

Extra homework

Designing and making magnet games

Introducing our new topic through playing games

Grandpa's Teeth Text Maps

18th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Christingle Service at All Hallows Church

Christmas Workshop at Leighton Road Church

Kimmy's Zoo brought lots of animals to see us!

JUST ONE TREE! But here are five of ours!

Extra homework completed! Well done Noah, Amber and Arabella

Text Maps for our Adventure Story

We managed not to get trapped in the giant spider webs!

Healthy Foodie faces

Harvest workshop at Leighton Road Evangelical Church

The day the crayons quit text maps

Extra homework completed by children

Now we know where flour comes from we used some to make bread.