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Walk to Holywells Park.

Our trip to Holywells Park. 


We started by walking though the Gainsborough Estate. We looked at the different styles of houses and talked about when they were built. 

Then, we walked over to the library and discussed the facilities you might find in a community. 

After that, we walked through the shops on Reynolds Road and then over to the church. 

Next, we walked over to Landseer Park and talked about how it used to be a rubbish tip! 

We had a play on the play equipment and a snack. 


Then we walked past the BMX track and around the edge of the park. We walked to Holywells Park. We had a look at the stable block and discussed what we thought the steps outside were for. Then we walked around the park talking about what it was like when the Cobbold family lived there. We then walked around what had been the drive to the house. We went through the dell which was created to have it's own micro climate to allow the family to grow exotic plants. Then we got a chance to have a look in the ice house. 


Finally it was time for lunch. 


After lunch we walked down to the play area and used the play equipment there before heading home on the minibus. We had a really fun day!